With the advanced in hacking technologies exposed on the internet, you might have probably heard about the credit-cards data stealing using a flash or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device.


And the Leather RFID Blocking Wallet is a wallet to safeguard your wallet’s credit cards or debit cards data against those tech-savvy pick-pocket that master the usage of RFID technology for illegal acts.


Worse than pick pocket? Along with the grows of technology, human race face new threads from modernized minds. Admitted or not, those tech-savvy pick-pockets are also learning to go along with the advance of technology, and for those non-tech-savvy people in our society, they are facing more thread of cyber crime than they could ever imagine.

If you are asking a total safeguard for your credit-cards’ data? We think nobody could ever give a guarantee on that one. At the least, Leather RFID Blocking Wallet is capable to prevent those not-so-hacker minded pick-pocket to hack your credit-cards data in such an easy manner.

Available in black or brown, this stylish receptacle looks just like a traditional leather wallet.

Price: GBP19.99 [ Buy Leather RFID Blocking Wallet right here ]

[ Source: Firebox ]