I could not agree more with hardwaresphere on the dangerous issue of gas leaks which might cause fire and lose of your comfort living space. However, on some occasions small leak are just undetectable until everything is too late.

So, is there a cheap and smart way to detect gas leak out in your home? Sniffing around would not be ideal way, as you might breath the toxic gas and deteriorate your health. Following LED gas detector will give you an accurate measurement while protecting you from sniffing for gas in your kitchen! 🙂


Once activated, the LED Gas Detector’s LED indicator will automatically detect a sum of flammable level of gas. The led light will automatically turn on once finish detecting. It will indicate three kind of conditions, Green light means safe, Yellow light means beware/ there’s a gas leak, and the last one Red lights means Dangerous. The device will need two AA battery to sniffs the gases around.

Price: USD 29.98.

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