The Future According to Levitating X

Levitating plates are no longer things we only see in Hogwarts, it seems.

A company called Levitating Design Labs came up with a crazily amazing product line called Levitating X, powered by a technology that allows just about anything small enough to levitate.

From levitating plates to levitating plants, levitating decors, and even levitating pillows — the company’s products help create fashionably futuristic homes that look straight out of a 1990s sci-fi movie.

Levitating X products are designed using a surprisingly simple technology called electromagnetic suspension, which — as its name obviously indicates — makes it possible for objects to levitate.

Levitating X Plate

Price: $199


The company’s products come with a base that houses the magical technology that allows small enough objects to levitate, and these bases come in different (albeit significantly similar) variants, as well as different colors.

Levitating X bases are either wired (which are significantly thinner), or wireless (a significantly bulkier variant) and are available in colors of black, white, and chrome.

Individuals who hope to get their hands on these amazingly and magically futuristic products have the option to choose between levitating plates, levitating cups, levitating plants, levitating decors or levitating pillows.

These levitating pillows, however, aren’t really the big kinds which one would use for sleeping.

Levitating X’s levitating pillows were designed to work more as platforms for watch and jewelry display, as opposed to the levitating plates and levitating cups that can be used for both their actual and exhibitory functions.

Levitating X products are now available for pre-order with prices starting at $199.

Shipment of the products, on the other hand, aren’t expected until 8 to 10 weeks after purchase.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign now has over $41,000 in pledges, and “super early bird” rates on the company’s campaign page allows users to purchase Levitating X products for as little as $150.