iPad stand with a bluetooth keyboard? Levitatr is the first elevating keyboard on a rugged aluminum chasis, LED_backlight and a stand for your iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Samsung GalaxyTab, HP TouchPad and iPod Touch.

Levitatr portable keyboard offers a thickness of 12.5 mm machined aluminum chasis, the idea is to prevent keyboard keys being exposed to dirt or possibility of key presses when being carried around in your laptop bag.


You will need 4pcs of AA batteries to power the Levitatr laptop, preferably rechargeable one for cost effective in the long run, while Levitatr is now open for pre-order at Kickstarter’s official website, right here.


For USD60,000 as the funding goal, you will be able to get the Levitatr keyboard into production, each unit of Levitatr elevating keyboard is priced at USD79. Let’s roll the video for more info about Levitatr keyboard…

[ Source: Levitatr Portable Bluetooth Keyboard ]