55EM600 is the new 55-inch OLED TV unveiled by LG at CES 2012 early this year. Taking thickness of a mere 4mm thin, or about 0.16 inches, owing to the back cover of the screen that is constructed of carbon fiber. The back cover of the screen is now constructed of carbon fiber.

This razor thin OLED TV from LG is rumored almost ready for shipping, but those interested to get this 55EM600 must willing to sacrifice approximately USD10,000 or about EUR8,000 from their bank account.


Not much technical detail being exposed at this particular moment, but we guess, it will be using Super IPS panel with supports for both 3D and 2D viewing at this price level. Who do you think going to be crowned the King for OLED TV category? While Samsung has unveiled their world’s first OLED TV, do you think LG could possibly exceed Samsung in OLED display market?

[ Source: UberGizmo ]