The lastest IPS5 Monitor from LG will have twisted nematic panels, promising superb color accuracy and exceptional realistic images with enchanced color accuracy, and supports optimum color temperatures at approximately 6,500 Kelvin degree!

According to a report from LG’s experts about the color calibration, LG IPS5 Series as one of the few ‘high-end professional graphics monitors’ that dare to deliver such promise, for a real-life, original and consistent viewing experience to its users.


LG IPS5 Series Monitors sport outstanding color reproduction standard for high precision and lively color results, designed to meet the demanding request of corporate’s professional users as well as individual professional photographers.

No info about pricing and exact release date yet, but LG’s press release indicate November release for European market. Can’t expect cheap pricing for such professionally build monitor, aren’t we?

[ Source: Ubergizmo ; LG ]