Following weirdo will give you a mouse and a scanner in one unit of device. LG’s LSM-100 is the first mouse in the industry that combine scanner into the device. However, users will need to connect the LG LSM-100 scanner mouse through a USB cable for both power and data transfer.

You will be able to use LG LSM-100 to scan documents and full-color images, the built-in scanner on its base could be activated simply by clicking the Smart Scan button on the left hand side of the mouse.


The only drawback is the limited scanning area, since a mouse base is only a palm big. However by cleaverly moving the mouse around, you will be able to scan documents and images up to A3 in size, and the extra features for rotating or cropping the scanned images prior saving to different media files formats including .png, .jpeg, .bmp. .pdf, .xls or .doc.

LG also equipped the LSM-100 scanner mouse with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality, which useful in converting scanned text documents into an editable word document. No info about the pricing for LG LSM-100 scanner mouse yet, but LG is trying to pose the LSM-100 as one of the ‘top-end mouse’ in the industry, which of course should shift the price higher compare to a standard mouse.

LG is going to showcase the LSM-100 scanner mouse during IFA 2011 in Berlin, which runs from September 2~7.

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