Last year we have mentioned about the laser projected keyboard, and at that time, the projected image was still in form of red line without any color. Hence, this year, Light Blue Optics has come out with an intriguing holographic laser projector touchscreen that uses the laser projection technology to create a 10-inch HQ WVGA image.


The Light Blue Optics Holographic Laser Projection Technology is capable of turning any flat surface into a colorful touchscreen. Users simply touch on the projected image to interact with the content or applications.


The device equipped with 2GB onboard Flash storage, microsSD slot (extendable up to 32GB), while for battery life, its offer up to 2 hours or operational hours.

Light-Touch-FashionYou could simply project any multimedia content and application via the device, it just like having a virtual reality touchscreen simply anywhere!

No info on pricing and availability yet.