Light Up: LED Slippers With Light Sensor


LED Slippers… Safety Over Trendy

While it’s quite unthinkable for anyone to ever find the need for their footwear to light up, it seems as though these days, the need for such as been filled even before it ever came up.

But the idea of footwear lighting up isn’t something that’s actually recent.

Back in the 1980s, children of all ages were caught up in a fashion trend that involved light-up sneakers that magically lit up each time the wearer took a step.

This seemingly peculiar yet highly entertaining trend wasn’t something confined to just one specific part of the globe. It was happening worldwide.


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These light up footwear, however, were never meant to be worn by adults. Back then, the idea of adults wearing such things was simply just not amusing.

Or at least that was how it was from way back then.

Fast-forward to the new millennium; footwear manufacturers seemed to have found a non-existent need to introduce light-up footwear in the market.

This time, however, the target market were the unsuspecting adults who now seemed to have developed an unusual fondness for all things sneakers.

The first light-up adult footwear product to gain global attention was a Nike Air Max 360.

But while the shoes were originally made by Nike, the LED light-up feature of the shoes wasn’t really created by Nike.

Instead, it was created by an independent company that specialized in ‘modifying’ sneakers by adding LED lighting.

This company’s attempt to address this so-called ‘need’ to re-introduce light up sneakers into the market was so successful that other footwear manufacturers have decided to come up with their own versions of the light-up shoes.

This move by shoe manufacturers all over the world seemed to have been in line with that attempt to tap on to that peculiar market of light-up shoes that seemingly just sprouted out of nowhere.

Rooted in this history of subtle ‘electronic footwear’ is another peculiar invention that’s undoubtedly looking forward to pound its way into creating another ‘yet-to-emerge’ need in the market — LED slippers.

As men, women, and children alike scramble to get their hands on the highly popular light-up footwear, Brightfeet, a startup company that aims to produce out of the ordinary footwear — had it in them to anticipate a need to create lighted slippers for everyone.

These LED slippers by Brightfeet weren’t specifically designed to entertain or impress, however.

The product’s no-nonsense design centers mostly on creating a footwear geared towards reinforcing the safety of the wearer — children, in general.

Brightfeet’s LED slippers were created mainly to aide its wearer at night, when surroundings are dark and the ground is not clearly seen.

These seemingly ordinary LED slippers were also designed around the idea of convenience, so the wearer wouldn’t have to turn the LED slippers’ lights on or off each time the need arises.

Th makers of the slippers designed it in such a way that a sensor automatically picks up ‘pressure’ on the slip-ons whenever its wearer puts it on.

Once the sensor detects pressure on the slides, the LED lights on the slippers automatically lights up.

Brightfeet’s LED slippers is equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries, and is currently priced at $19.99 on Amazon.

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