Some babies will be afraid if you plunge them into a bath tub with half sitting high water level. They would cry and hard to get a proper shower.

Any good solution to this? Fortunately, Li’l Squirt Baby Pool is a gentle splash pool that will trigger your baby attention, since, most toddlers love to play water, especially fountains type of splash water.



Li’l Squirt Baby Pool is basically a gentle splash pool where the pat mat area has floating 3D fish and mini fountains with whale blow picture on it. The vinyl mat is designed with entertaining undersea graphics like a turtle and your baby could cover the whale’s blow hole to play with the fountain spray.

The fountain spray could be increased gradually to suit the comfort of your baby. Li’l Squirt Baby Pool is designed for toddler ages 12 months and above.

Price: USD22.95 [ more info from OneStepAHead here ]