If you still think that super sport car or fabulous designed car will always be a fuel waster or not a green technology, you need to look at the following!



Maserati Tramontane is an all-electric supercar that has been designed to provide the ultimate sense of super sport car while maintain the green aspect as a whole. Designed by Ondrej Jirec, Maserati Tramontane concept has a smooth aerodynamical shape with a simple rule of lowering the overal body parts to lower the weight of the vehicle and simplify the construction process.



Maserati Tramontane is designed with a lenght of 4,250mm (167 inches), shorter 50mm (2 inches) compare to the Lamborghini Gallardo. Meanwhile, for the height, it comes with 1,170mm (46 inches), resembling to a Gallardo’s.

Maserati Tramontane super-car concept is designed with four layers:

  1. The first of which is the main glass exterior surface that envelops the entire body.
  2. The second layer is composed of the LED headlights and flows back into the interior to protect the speakers and air vents.
  3. The third layer creates the lower sections of the seats and also carries the taillights. This layer also protects the occupants from both a side impact and a rear impact.
  4. The final layer of the vehicle serves as housing for the electric motors and the dashboard, where it hides the motor, frame and all the electronics.

Ondrej Jirec is designing the super car with an all-electric setup idea for the whole vehicle, the front wheels will be powered by a one electric motor, while on the rear part, the wheels will also have individual motors for separate propulsion.

No info on ideal recharging system for this electric green super car, but we guess, solar, wind and hydrogen dioxide derived from H20 will do the trick, don’t you agree?

[ Source: EcoFriend ; Dinose-Art ]