How about getting a cool feeling on your head during this hot summer? Evaporative Cooling Cap is made of 100 percent cotton consists of 53 percent polymer and 47 percent cellulose liner. The amazing part of the Evaporative Cooling Cap is on the patented fabric inner liner that capable to retains cool water for slow vaporization over natural body heat over 5 to 10 hours time span.

This cap helps to keep your head area cool up to 20 degree Fahrenheit cooler than outside air temperature, that should explain how to keep your head cool during this hot summer. Simply submerge the hat in cool water for a minute or two, wringing out the excess and you could start wearing it for a breeze cool feeling on your head during this melting crazy summer.


Should be useful for those prefer to wear a hat during the summer time, the dimension of this cap is 4.5 x 7 x 10-inch (HxWxD), weighing 4 oz. Backed up with bold lifetime guarantee by the supplier, which also made cooling apparel to professional cycling teams, Olympic athletes and military.

The hook and loop back is adjustable, should fits well on various size of head.

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