Designed by C. Darius Delaunay-Driquert, METIS iReach Bionic Prosthetic Arm is a concept designed to help those amputees to be able to do full 360 degree range of motion.

METIS-iReach Bionic-Prosthetic-Arm-Concept-hand

METIS-iReach Bionic-Prosthetic Arm-Concept-3

METIS-iReach Bionic-Prosthetic Arm-Concept-2

metis-iReach Bionic-Prosthetic Arm-Concept

Equipped with integrated 3G and Wi-Fi, users of METIS iReach Bionic Prosthetic Arm will need to connect the nervous system to the bionic hand.

No info on product prototype yet.

[ Source: Yanko Design ; C. Darius Delaunay-Driquert ]