Mi-Sport is a wireless and waterproof mp3 player headphones. Mi-Sport MP3 player uses voice navigation through music, integrating text to voice software. Mi-Sport MP3 player is specially designed headphones for athletes or those love to enjoy music while doing their exercise.


Mi-Sport MP3 player will come with 4GB memory, individual track change and volume control, voice navigation through playlists and fast forward or rewind feature within an individual track. You would be able to stuff around 1,000 typical mp3s or 60hours worth of listening time on the 4GB memory, while the battery life will be durable for up to 7 operational hours.

mi-sport-waterproof-mp3-left-sideMoreover, you could submerged the Mi-Sport MP3 player completely in water, making it a perfect gadget for swimming sport, and other water or beach related activities.


This wearable mp3 player is perfect for all forms of exercise, but until now previous models would break down quickly when sweat entered the unit. Our patent pending design has been precisely engineered making this waterproof / sweatproof mp3 player purpose made for running, cycling and gym work. The player, however, is more than splash proof or just water resistant!

Extremely user friendly, the 2 upper buttons on the side of the headphones allow for track change backwards or forwards and volume control. The 2 lower buttons give fast forward or rewind within an individual track/podcast and also playlist/album scrolling via voice navigation.

This fantastic feature means that your album text or personalized playlist is read and voiced back to you, in your choice of language or accent, male or female. This allows a much easier and faster search through a large music library.

The Mi-Sport mp3 player headphones recognize .mp3, .wma and aac(I-Tunes) music formats and are compatible with PC and MAC. Besides, you could also operate the Mi-Sport MP3 headphones using all European languages as well as Russian and Arabic.

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts: Color up your day with music, simply everywhere!

Thanks Dave !

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