By far, this is the coolest type of transparent display in 2012 that equipped with holoflector augmented reality mirror! Unveiled by Micrososft, the latest concept of a transparent OLED display, that to be manufactured by Samsung, is going to incorporate Kinect motion detection technology that currently being used on Xbox 360 gaming console.

Users will be able to interact or manipulate their desktop applications using hand gestures, and accompany by the soon to be officially released Windows 8, the transparent OLED monitor should become a revolutionary desktop operating sequel for 2012 that would eventually change the common OS interface that has remained pretty constant for the last decades.

One evolving element is the presence of depth detection sensors by collaborating Microsoft Kinect motion detecting device into the gesture sensitive technology useful for tracking of users’ fingers at the particular moment. The depth detection sensor will analyze and translate the fingers’ gestures and turn them into valid input command signals that could be used for various purposes, including opening/closing applications, zoom in/out, activating menus, social networking interaction, messaging, drawing, drafting, handwriting, scanning, etc.


One thing for sure, the new transparent OLED is designed to let users to interact with the images from below the transparent display, where images/objects will be presented in a three dimensional visibility while the real images themselves are still in 2D mode.

The projection technology on the transparent OLED itself is a project by Jinha Lee, former intern and also Cati Boulanger, a former researcher at Microsoft Applied Sciences.

The idea is to get the Samsung transparent OLED screen, a series of motion detection sensors and along with custom software that reshuffles the keyboard using Holoflector to the rear side of the transparent OLED screen where users will get the feeling of interacting with Augmented Reality objects and able to manipulate what they see with their bare hands.

It will be wonderful if Microsoft planning to incorporate the infrared keyboard or Light Blue Optics’ projection keyboard or a touchscreen keyboard or gesture sensitive pointer that eliminate the necessity of mouse into the new transparent OLED monitor for a more compact and clean solution to both home and office?

Frankly speaking, it seems no intention from the computer giants to eliminate physical keyboard and mouse for long time to come, wonder why?

Anyway, if you you have not take a sneak peek at Windows 8 OS yet, you could watch the preview, right here!

No idea when the transparente OLED display with gesture sensitive keyboard will be put into commercialization yet, but it definitely one neat concept for 2012.

[ Source: Resoveek ; Microsoft ]