Unlike conventional and ‘ancient’ Gramophone that has bulky box power mechanism for the music playing engine, the new Minimalist Gramophone, a concept by German designer, Livia Ritthaler will definitely transform the way we used to think about the outlook of a gramophone.

Livia Ritthaler has taken out the boxy engine and she put nothing but a needle, a cone of paper and a rotating plate with a central stick to let user operate it manually using their own hand.

Video below will explain more about the Minimalist Gramophone…

no power mechanism: it’s hand operated. So, as the host of this party you’d have to hire a hipster slave to stand by the gramophone and spin the vinyl manually. All night. But that’d be cool, wouldn’t it? You could be the host of the only hipster party that had a gramophone attendant!


Video and Image Credit: Design Dein Germany ; Livia Ritthaler

No info about commercialization and production yet, how about making one at your own home garage?

[ Source: Designer Dein Germany ; Litvia Ritthaler ]