In the past, dentists always advices us to brush teeth at least three times a day after meal, but now, the super busy corporate world and highly demanding social life has triggered a Japanese company called Yumeshokunin to come up with the idea of suggesting once a day teeth brushing in the morning using the newly developed ‘Misoka‘ toothbrush.

Let’s roll the video for more info…

The Misoka toothbrush is designed with nanomineral coating that serves to make the surface of your teeth hydrophilic after brushing. The idea is to make the saliva in your mouth stick to your teeth, creating an unseen barrier for dirt and other materials to cling to their surface, thus, teeth plaque will be hard to form.


Coated toothbrush? “Microfabrication technology,” what is that?

Invented, designed and made in Japan using advanced manufacturing process, Misoka toothbrush is using nano-sized variety of minerals (particles smaller than micro) technology for the coating. Creating a natural non-toxic, no-harm materials for human body, the new nano technology “mineral” coating is powerful to clean teeth and maintain oral health.

Above video shows you about how the scientist experiment with the microfabrication techniques. The Misoka toothbrush is made using fine one by one processing, you will soon notice the difference between the ‘toothbrushed’ glass surface and the one that not.


The end result, your teeth will stay clean all day long, reducing the possibility of bad breath due to lack of brushing your teeth! Believe it?

No info on pricing yet.

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