Did you notice that babies like to play in the bathtub for hours especially when there is a waterproof floating duck toy around them?


The Colorful Mood Duck Toy is powered by 3xAAA batteries, it has stress-relieving comedy ideal for chilling out when it come to a wash time. Even for an adult, listening to the radio whilst gawping at a mesmerising light show beats listening to the tap drip whilst watching the mirror steam up any day of the week.

Matching radio stations to your showering moods is also another essential feature of Mood Duck Radio. You could choose: upbeat songs for quick showers, chillaxing ones for long soaks and speed metal ones for high intensity sessions with the loofah. This really is a duck toy for all occasions.


Mood Duck Radio is a great companion if you love music and a quirky gift for anyone who like to showering while listening to the duck toy music.

Price: £14.95

[ Source: ChipChick ]