If you ever saw a person with broken or fractured arm, you might have known that after plastering the arm, doctor or nurses will usually hang the wounded arm using bandage sling to the patient’s neck. Since recovering take time, hanging the sling is crucial, to prevent shock or any unwanted movements of the patient while walking or sitting.

And now another clever designed by Sungjoon Kim, Seunghee son, Sook-kyung Lee and Yonghee Cho – the Multipurpose Sling.


A bit similar to handcuffs at first glance! Hence, this multipurpose gadget could be used as your alternative exercises companion.


Besides, for patient recovering from broken arm, after taking off of bandage and plastering, generally doctors will give  advice to do more self-help physiotherapy at home at regular pace to speed up the healing process of the arm.


The design is centered around multipurpose sling, it offers adequate support to the fractured arm, without putting much of a strain around your neck. The arm loops are adjustable and post plaster-removal, can be used as a rehab aid to do some muscle building exercises.


Here are some types of recovery exercises that one can follow:

  • The patient fixes a hand holding a ring and moves another back and forth while wearing the middle pad on a shoulder. This exercise can recover the biceps and pronator muscle of the arm and the wrist muscle.
  • The patient holds the rings and stretches them out horizontally. This exercise can recover the deltoid muscle of the shoulders and the wrist muscle.
  • The patient moves each hand up and down in turns. This exercise can recover the deltoid muscle of the shoulders and the biceps muscle of the arms.


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[ Source: Yanko ]