Following video will show you how an old overhead projector, a laptop, digital camera and a type of MIDI-sequencer application software that will identify and translate those dots or colorful lines presented on the overhead projector into musical notes.

Get the idea of utilizing almost recycled overhead projector? Hopefully it will be a good inspiration for utilizing those ‘old’ stuff for better class.


It is essentially an inverse color organ that you can play like a player piano. You can draw crazy things for fun or make more complex songs if they look more MIDI-sequencer like. Developed in Max/MSP and Jitter.

Notes are made by making dry erase marks on a regular old transparency, with different colours covering different octaves and a blue Expo triggering 808 drum samples.

Get creative is the idea, who knows you are the next Dr. G on the show! 😀

[ Source: Gizmodo ; Make ]