Nassim Villas is a eco-friendly villa concept that blends the dynamism of topography into its architectural design. Introduced by Zaha Hadid Architects, Nassim Villas’ concept is prepared for eco-friendly villas in Singapore’s mesmerizing landscape.


The design of Nassim Villas incorporates terrace and ramps that offer harmonious interaction between garden and the home. The concrete is made from fiber-reinforced material, aluminum cast and fiber reinforced plastic for the tough exterior.


On western façade you will find a breath taking rooftop terrace design that will as well help to reduce sun exposure, providing natural cooling effect into the home. There is also a elegant looking pool and botanical gardens surrounding the home.

One sentence to sum up the design, a green, eco-friendly home design that deliver peaceful escape after long hours of work. What a wonderful world will it be if all homes are eco friendly?

[ Source: Ecofriend ; Evolo ; Zaha-Hadid Architects ]