Another night vision gadget dubbed Night Vision Digital Video Camera is taking a pistol shape for capturing every details in the darkness of night.

The pistol shape Night Vision Digital Video Camera comes with 2GB memroy card possible for storing 2 hours of clear night vision video at a distance up to 40 feet away.


Recording is at click of a button and you could easily switch shooting mode from video to still photography. The Night Vision Digital Video Camera has two built-in color LED screens for viewing recorded video or simply as a view finder.

Other features included such as basic editing tools of paint bucket, image rotation and correction provide more convenient for video editing. You could also change the video backgrounds, make slide shows and custom presentations to get neat video or photo results.

The Night Vision Digital Video Camera is designed for age 8 and above, guess it is pretty user friendly for playing Sherlock Holmes at your own backyard with your child.

Price: USD99.99 [ Get it here ]

[ Source: Walyou ]