Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy maker has introduced Ningen Gakki, a musical gadget that capable to turn human body into musical instrument. Ningen Gakki translated as Human Instrument is a little toy that could be played or used by up to four people at the same time.

Let’s roll the video from Diginfonews for more info about Ningen Gakki…

Inside the Ningen Gakki’s bundle, you will find four silver parts function as electrodes that will be placed on the device and tap another player’s skin to create various sounds. A light tap will result in a short sound, while a longer touch will make a longer sound.


There are various pre-installed game modes, melodies and other bells and whistles. Expect to see Ningen Gakki in Japan retail store starting June this year. If you live outside Japan, you could contact the specialized online store Rinkya for getting the product send to your country.

Price: USD39.-

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