Cutting a long nose hair out of your nose using tiny scissor might be something so common to do, but now, there is a new technology that allow you to trim your nose hair in quickly, easily and yet, conveniently.

The merchant boasts the nose hair trimmer won’t cause any irritation while it cut, and it could be used in a shower while the head could be rinse under a faucet for easy cleaning. Built using dual hypoalergenic stainless steel blades, the nose hair trimmer has an ergonomic and lightweight design that ensures optimal maneuverability for users.


In short, it cuts nose hair closer, faster, and offers more comfort compare to any other model. Simply insert the head of the trimmer into your nose and make an easy circle around the inner nose’s wall to cut away all the annoying ‘bushes’ that cause uncomfort inside the nose and unethic view on your face.

Powered by 1x AA battery, this portable nose hair trimmer has a dimension of 5 1/4 x 1 1/4-inch (H x Dia), weighing 2 oz.

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