He loves to own various corporations and business sectors, from a record label to Caribbean island. Or perhaps it is because he was fascinated by the science-fiction movies of Atlantic’s water kingdom and the amazing views of the magnificent underwater world, that he added the underwater plane as part of his business portfolio.

Virgin corporation‘s founder and billionaire, Sir Richard Branson is commercializing his new three passengers (including pilot) oceanic aero submarine underwater plane called Necker Nymph. This oceanic aero submarine underwater plane is capable of diving into the depths up to 130ft and will cost buyers approximately GBP415,000 per unit.

And according to news released, Sir Branson is planning to build an underwater plane that able to explore the underwater depth until 35,000 feet, hoping to uncover ancient shipwrecks with his new toy.

The underwater plane is highly sophisticated. It is powered by fighter jet technology and is piloted with a joystick. The underwater plane is also Eco friendly and has a low environmental impact. It has low noise emissions, uses low light, and is buoyant enough to avoid interfering with fragile ecosystems. The plane was designed by Hawkes Ocean Technologies and is the first underwater plane to ever be designed. It is an entirely new class of vehicle.