Taking the shape resembling a small ancient wood drum, following air purifier is only 6-inch in diameter, 13-inch in height and has a weight of 4 lbs only. This Air Purifier has the capabilities to eliminate unpleasant odor as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Designed using patented filter technology, this unique air purifier will help to clean nano-scale material, when you laid it flat, it would be able to clean the surface area of two badminton courts, helping to eliminate and capture more than 99% of micron-sized organic particles in a room.


Molecules that carry odor or bear VOCs from the toxic airborne chemicals emitted by many common household synthetics including cleaning agents, varnishes and carpets are break-down by the air purifier, and the purifier will automatically indicates the level of VOC present in particular room or area and continues to count down as the air purifier removes them.

There is a colored LED panel that indicate air quality, while the three-speed fan is accompanied with a silent mode for quietest operation. Ideal for cleaning up Odor and VOCs from rooms up to 150-square feet. The patented filter will last up to three years long and is easy to replace.

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