It can’t be anything wiser than to maintain a correct and optimal posture for your eight hours office sitting posture! Especially if you are an accountant or white collar that spends lots and lots of hours on your office chair to finish those paperworks.

Doctors from Wooridul Spine Hospital has developed a chair that promise to give comfort back rest with the swivel chest rest mode comes with a 180 degree freedom. This way, back rest doubles as an arms/chest rest
whenever being positioned to the front side of the chair. The main idea is to help users to develop correct posture while sitting on the chair.


The 180 degree swivel to become chest rest is useful as a support whenever you lean in toward a keyboard or desk, preventing back strain caused by hunching over, encouraging curved, proper posture and reduce back strain at the same time.


This doctors approved office chair provides chest / back support where the seat’s pelvis support offers a gentle forward slope that shifts the pelvis forward and raises the buttocks above the knees, resulting in semi-standing posture that discourages slouching, a major cause of back discomfort. Not matter short or long leggers, you could always adjust the height of the seat to your optimum comfort.

The sides of the seat are also sloped, spreading the knees apart (hip abduction) and keeping the pelvis upright to reduce stress on the back, shoulders, and neck. The chair has six casters, its legs have built-in
footrests, and the seat is tilt and height adjustable.

The dimension of this optimal posture office chair is 38.5 x 18 x 17-inch (HxWxD), with a weight of 44lbs.

Get this posture correcting office chair, right here!