For those geeks with morning lazy sickness symptoms, this must be one best gadget you sincerely want to own at your home, a self-making bed from Spanish OHEA furniture manufacturer. It is more like a science fiction futuristic type of movie where the bed comes with mechanical system that allow the bed to make itself within a mere 50 seconds.

The mechanism itself involves a small mechanical arm from a hidden area on the side while two rollers pull the cover or duvet up to the head of the bed, similar to how you manually tidying your own bed.



Images And Video Credit: OHEA Europe

OHEA self-making bed will also taken care of the pillows and straightened by cords attached to the pillow cases as they will fall back into the place when the cover is straightened. We can’t find detail about pricing for this self-making bed yet, but it should not be a cheap bed on this early launching stage, hopefully there will be more compact and affordable version sometime soon.

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[ Source: Dvice ; OHEA Europe ]