Would you like to have an interactive projector that capable to transform any solid surface into touch-sensitive input device? The time has come for human kind to enjoy the next generation of interactive mobile projection technology.

Wearable Multitouch Interaction Everywhere report by Chris Harrison, Hrvoje Benko and Andy Wilson that was presented during the 24th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, has indicated that OmniTouch will soon become one of the early model for interactive mobile projector.

According to Harrison, they have explored and make prototype a powerful alternative approach to body worn mobile interaction projection /sensing system that capable to capitalize on the tremendous surface area the real world provides,” explains Harrison.

OmniTouch draws from a blend of disciplines to overcome numerous issues and problems faced by interactive mobile projection technology,
including the accurate detection of click, detection of fingers movements, etc.



Harrison and his colleagues use a PrimeSense short-range depth camera with a Microvision ShowWX+ laser pico-projector. The camera is capable to generate a 320×240 depth map at 30fps, and able to detect a close object at 8-inches (20cm) distance. OmniTouch has an edge in finger position detection utilizing a complex series of calculations and algorithm started with the generation of the depth map.

[ Source: Chris Harrison ]