Ooma Telo Premier Bluetooth Adapter lets users pair the Telo system with Bluetooth-enabled cellphones and headsets, allowing users to answer inbound mobile phone calls on any home phone connected to an Ooma Telo.


Subscribers could also further integrate of their mobile phones with their home phone systems.

Ooma Telo Premier Bluetooth Adapter’s Key Features:

  • Easy Setup – Simply plug in the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on your Ooma Telo, link your mobile phone or headset, and you’re good to go.
  • Go Hands-free – You can use your Bluetooth earpiece to talk on your home phone – with up to 30 feet of transmission range.
  • Multiply your Ring – Add the convenience of answering your mobile phone calls on any phone in your home. Plus you won’t have to worry about poor reception or dropped calls.
  • Transfer Calls – If you’re using the Telo handset, you can transfer your call to your Bluetooth headset and be hands-free. Or transfer your mobile calls to your Telo when you get home.
  • Pair up to 7 Devices – Pair up to 7 mobile phones or Bluetooth headsets.

Price: USD29.99

[ Source: CrunchGear ; Ooma ]