It is the time for playing with 3D printer. Origo is a new 3D printer designed for ten years old kids to let them materialize their imagination out of plastic. Every images drawn on 3DTin, the 3D modelling app that could be run directly from a website browser, will be able to be printed out on the Origo 3D printer.

The finished 3D printing might not be as smooth and neat as those at the toy store, but kids will definitely love to have their own drawing transformed into a 3D object.

“Origo: 3D Printing @ Home” by Artur Tchoukanov from UmeÃ¥ Institute of Design on Vimeo.

Thus far, Origo 3D Printer for kids is still a concept suggested by Artur Tchoukanov and Joris Peels, hopefully Origo 3D printer will go for commercialization anytime soon.


Artur and Joris have documented their progress on the Origo website, the recent prototype seems to be on neat 3D printer designed for kids.

[ Source: Origo ; 3DTin ]