Back in May last yeat, Asus has teased the market by unveiling their Padfone concept that will allow users to dock their smartphone into the rear side of Asus tablet.

The good news is, you might be able to see the real official prototype that planned to be launched next week at MWC 2012. Below, is the latest video teaser from Asus for the Padfone device…

Unfortunately Asus did not really show us about the latest Padfone device on about video, still teasing the market with the limitless possibilities of stacking smaller device into a larger device, be patient, as things will soon get clear at MWC 2012.

A rough estimation is the presence of a tablet, a smartphone and probably a portable hard drive that is completely break-down-able into small standalone units. There might be a chance for a standalone mp3 player for Padfone users, nevertheless it is exciting to see the break-down-able type of device appearing in the market.


Sooner or later we will be able to have a multi-functions as well as standalone devices that could be built into a more complex computer. There is also some prediction about third device to be a keyboard dock, similar to Asus Transformer and Transformer Prime tablets, as for the smartphone, I think Asus is planning to jump into smartphone market as well?

[ Source: Le Journal Du Geek ]