Latest Pagani Huayra owners will be fascinated by the cool key that taking the shape of small Pagani Huayra in miniature version that splits apart once inserted into the dashboard to start the car. Meanwhile, the second half of the miniature Pagani Huayra is actually a USB flash drive capable to hold music, presuming there is a USB port for inserting the USB flash drive while enjoying the ride.



Horacio Pagani – Huayra Key from eGarage on Vimeo.

Demoed by Horacio Pagani himself, the red colored Pagani Huayra itself looks sexy during the outdoor photo session. Made of aluminum material, the miniature Pagani Huayra’s key comes in quarter of adult’s palm size and suppose in a light weight, even though is surely looks a bit big inside your jeans’ pocket.




[ Source: eGarage ; Pagani Huayra ]