What will the outlook for the next smartphone? Flexibility seems to occupied every corner or the room. Latest prototype of flexible phone by researchers at Queen University in Ontario Canada has shown the possibility using a ductile e-ink display and elastic electronic under the hood.

Dubbed PaperPhone and currently on prototype ‘monochrome’ stage, predictably, in its final ‘color’ format, it will literary blown away all those conventional ‘hard casing’ mobile phones when ready for commercialization. The idea is to tolerate bending for the PaperPhone, while for menu navigation, selection, making or receiving calls, it seems still uses conventional touch for access.


PaperPhone will likely become the next generation of super slim as well as super lightweight mobile phone. Let’s just hope that it will survive the full bend for ease of storage when ready for mass production.

[ Source: Engadget ; Human Media Lab ; Queen’s University Ontario ]