Kinetic energy is nothing new, we have mentioned about the possibility of converting the energy of walking into electricity, one example is the PowerLeap that convert energy into electricity from Jumping, Running, Dancing And Walking.

The new version of human powered gadget is the Pavegen tiles, introduced by Pavegen Systems, the tiles is built with low carbon and aims to bring kinetic energy harvesting to the streets. Probably in some part of states, you might soon able to witness this type of kinetic Pavegen tiles systems on the major busy street and pedestrian crossings where the crowd likely to walk across.


Manufactured using a hundred percent recycled materials, the Pavegen tiles consist with mostly rubber and some marine grade stainless steel. Other feature including waterproof, that should allow installation in open space both indoor and outdoor.

Successfully installed in a school corridor to hep power the building. Pavegen Systems promises 20 million steps or 5 years of durability for its users.

Aimed for high foot-traffic areas, Pavegen tiles are equipped with a lithium polymer battery, and it will use the energy stored inside the li-polymer battery to power the low-wattage, off-grid places, including street lighting, displays, speakers, signs, alarms and advertising.

The wonderful thing about Pavegen Tiles are, each time someone steps on the tile, a central light will illuminates, making people love to play with the tiles, and should be more enchanting if Pavegen also offers colorful tiles for the dance floor.

Above showing you the Pavegen tiles were used as a dance floor at Bestival on the Isle-of-Wright, and are being tested in East London.

Pavegen tiles also received its first commercial order back in September this year for the London 2012 Olympics Site in the crossing between Olympic stadium and the Westfiled Stratford City Shopping Center.

[ Source: Pavegen Systems – Pavegen Tiles ]