Have you ever watch people get their eye stab with a screwdrive by their enemy? Well, that’s the horrible part of gangster movie. But in modern digital life, we could get a Digital Peephole Viewer, so you don’t have to peep on the comer with your eye stick to the viewer hole anymore!


Above Digital Peephole Viewer will soon take the function of conventional peephole in your home. Though a bit of work need to be done in order to replace the conventional one.

At a press of a button, you could get the view of who is coming, and the wonderful thing is, you could press the button once again for a zooming on the picture in case you have a hard time recognizing people through a small picture. The device is powered by a couple of AA batteries durable for approx. 1,700 views.

Price: AUD159.95 or approx. USD138.-

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