In this day and age, iPads and other tablets are as widely accepted as ever before — and the flaws these devices come with are now often no longer seen as hindrances.

Instead, these tolerable flaws are now seen as rather extremely minuscule inconveniences that are well worth all the sacrifices that one would have to go through while in the process of reaping the benefits of procuring an overpriced tablet.

Among these ‘minuscule, tolerable’ inconveniences is the fact that users of devices like the iPad as well as other tablets like it are often left with little to no choice but to stick with the devices’ on-demand, boring virtual keyboard.

Users are therefore left with no choice but to type using the painful, unconventional way that man has obviously come to develop in order to adapt to his ever-changing tech environment.

Penna Retro Keyboard for iPad

Price: $89 + Shipping

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While there have been a number of rather frail attempts of some companies to come up with the perfect physical keyboard for these devices, none of them has so far stood out they way the Penna Retro Keyboard did.

And here’s why…

One look at the Penna Retro Keyboard and the answer is pretty obvious.

This hip invention is very much reminiscent of the old ‘typewriter’ — not just in looks, but also in many of its functionalities.

The Penna Retro Keyboard has the capability to pair with existing Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, and is powered only by two traditional AA batteries.

Penna Retro Keyboard for Mac

Weighing only 1.7 lbs, this fashionable keyboard comes in faux wood as well as black, white, and pink color variants and comes with a Macro Bar, designed to look exactly like the ancient typewriter’s return lever.

The Penna Retro Keyboard is currently priced at $89 (not including shipping) and is available for preorder on Kickstarter. The devices are expected to ship to its backers by August of this year.

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