The FVA-U1 is a Sony device called the Mofiria. The device using a technology similar to fingerprint scanner, and additionally, it also has a veins scanner to give more security to protect your data.




Announced in Japan last 18th December, FVA-U1 offer a higher accuracy on personal identification and prevention of forgery. Wonder if the technology similar to the x-ray beam for veins scanning?

Sony Japan seems to taking a further steps to provide method where CMOS sensor diagonally captures scattered light inside the finger veins for the Sony Mofiria device. And believably each individual person’s finger vein won’t change easily, otherwise, it won’t be used by Sony as a security standard.

The vein pattern is quickly and accurately extracted from the captured finger vein image without a fixed finger position – ensuring it will be very easy to scan your finger vein pattern. Sony will also be providing a SDK for Mofiria technology, and has stated this is network compatible.