Trying to compete to spiderman? Well, this still far from the spiderman’s spider web capability, but it is the latest wall climbing tool from Utah State University that awarded first prize out of 33 teams in the Air Force’s contest to get four soldiers over a very tall wall.

Probably Uncle Sam’s military is figuring out making a wall climbing gadget for their best SWAT or military spy? Who knows? PVAC or Personal Vacuum Assisted Climber works with two suctin cups and lets user to climb pretty much anything, but definitely could not clim an oil walls or cliff as it needs to suck to have solid graps onto the walls.


It’s loud, and heavy, and it’s still in the development stages, but the work they’ve done so far is impressive enough that the Air Force coughed up $100,000 to let them keep working on it. You sort of do have to watch the above video to get a sense of just why this is cool.

[ Source: Gizmodo ]