Philips’ latest glasses-free 3D BDL4251VS TV with 42-inch screen size, 28 lenticular views, integrated Dimenco rendering core for playing  Dimenco interface format (2D +Z), and offers content creators and end users full control of the depth-effect characteristics of their 3D images, making it a real snap for developing your own stunning and eye-catching 3D content right out of the box.

Stereoscopic 3D is meant to set your living room with a tidy home entertainment system without obligation for getting a 3D glasses.

Handles both 2D and 3D (2D+Z) images, as well as playback videos, there is a Smart Insert located on the rear panel for simple integration of any Small Form Factor (SFF) PC.  Philips BDL4251 VS also flexible enough to be used as a digital signage tool whenever applicable.

[ Source: Press Release ; Philips BDL4251VS ]