BDR-206MBK is claimed as world’s first BDXL Blu-ray burner for PC that supports 3D Blu-ray discs. Released by Pioneer Japan, you could use the Pioneer BDR-206MBK burner to burn BD-R XL discs for either three layers (100GB) or four layers (128GB), alternatively, you could burn to BD-RE XL discs with 3 layers (100GB).



You could expect to see Pioneer’s BDR-206MBK Blu-ray burner on the retails’ shelves in Japan by next month. Buffalo, on the other hand, has introduced its BRXL-6FBS-BK BDXL Blu-ray burner that supports exactly the same BDXL discs as the Pioneer burner and also plays 3D Blu-rays.

Expect Buffalo BRXL-6FBS-BK to be on the market in two types of USB2.0 for the external burner, coded as BRXL-6U2, while the internal burner is using SATA interface, dubbed BRXL-6FBS-BK.


  • Pioneer BDR-206MBK = USD372.-

[ Source: CrunchGear ; Buffalo ; Pioneer ]