Taking your baby to his/her bathtub for a shower and stop him/her from crying is sometime a troublesome task to accomplish, while moms would look for plastic toys to cheer their babies,  here comes a neat idea from a South Korea design studio – Connection Design with its Play Eggs Bathbomb concept.Play-Eggs-the-bathbombSimply drop one of the Play Eggs Bathbomb into the bathtub filled with water, you will never know which toy is going to appear after the easy solute-able outer shell dissolved inside the bathtub.

The melting process will generate lots of bubbles inside the bathtub. This will make your baby curious about what is inside the rounded egg. And once the Play Egg completely melted inside the bathtub, the toy inside the Play Egg Bathbomb’s toy will immediately appear on the bathtub’s water surface once the outer shell is melted.

Thanks Wonjune!

[ Source: Connection Design ]