It’s That Polaroid That’s We’ve All Been Waiting For

Decades after the technology first rose to fame; Polaroid seemed to have finally come up with a product fit for the people in living in this technology-dominated century: The Polaroid Pop.

What sets the Polaroid Pop apart from other Polaroid products over the decades are features that users of the brand have long been wanting: good quality photos, better-looking camera, and an LCD screen that allows users to finally view their photos before they even start printing.

While the Polaroid Snap is the first-ever product to represent the iconic brand and its fusion with the latest technologies, Polaroid Pop seems to be an even more up-scaled version of that the same thing.

Unlike all the others that came before it, however, the Polaroid Pop is a 20-megapixel camera —yielding what is arguably the best quality of photos from a Polaroid camera through the history of Polaroid so far.

The camera also returns to the Polaroid’s iconic 3 x 4 size, the same size it was from decades ago when the brand first became famous.

Photos from the Polaroid Pop are printed on Zink paper — a type of paper that activates crystals to form actual pictures and a fact that leads the Pop and all other cameras in its line a deviant from all the Polaroids in the past.

But the feature that stands out for this camera the most is a 3.97” touchscreen LCD located at the rear of the device, which eliminates that traditional Polaroid surprise back when users could not know what to expect as photos from the camera start printing.

The Polaroid Pop isn’t out on the market as of yet, but rumor has it that the camera comes with a lot heftier price tag than the Polaroid Instax.

Representatives of the company at the 2017 CES, where the product was first launched, pegged the Polaroid Pop’s price to be somewhere around $200.