One of the innovative ideas recently exposed on Kickstarter is the POP multi charging battery pack that offers a massive 25,000 mAh battery. The size and shape is a bit resembling a car’s piston, while at the beneath area you will find 2x USB  ports and an AC Adapter port.

Meant to offer charging convenience should you are likely away from any in-wall power outlet or you are doing some picnic outdoor away from the grid or if you are in the middle of nowhere to find any power source. POP multi charging battery pack will allow you to recharge your mobile devices as well as tablets that are running out of power.

For early birds that devote to the project, the creators allow a substantial discount, that’s a 35% off over the normal retail pricing, including shipping and handling charges. Meanwhile, for a pledge of $169, you could have your logo and art work on the POP multi charging battery pack. In the comparison, POP multi charging battery pack is the largest battery capacity with most affordable pricing compare to other portable charging devices…




You will noticed that the under POP multi charging battery pack there is five LED battery status indicator to inform user about the current status, the 2x USB ports is useful to connect the POP to your mobile devices or tablets. For ease of charging the POP battery pack, there is an AC adapter included inside the package, simply plug in the AC adapter into the power outlet to charge.


More info about POP battery pack could be obtained over the Kickstarter website, it is still 40 days to go for the project, so if you want to make your pledge and get the physical POP multi-charging battery pack for your own, there is still plenty of time to do so.

[ Source: Kickstarter ]