A water resistant and splash proof wireless loudspeaker, where on earth did you think you could use such audio gadget for? Well, if you are having fun by organizing a pool side party, or other outdoor related party that rainy day is the main concern, this water-resistant and wireless loudspeaker system from Pro-idee is one of the kind that you will love to own.

Pro-idee-Portable-wireless-loudspeaker-system-8-hours-non-stop-music-for-your-pool-partyPro-idee’s Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System is designed with a wireless signal transmiter at 864MHz radio broadcast that will allow you to put the portable wireless loudspeaker as far as 50m or approximately 164ft,  it could broadcast through walls or even between floors.

Ideal for swimming pool, garden or your golf club party, Pro-idee’s Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System has 3-channel tehcnology with IPX4 protection.  Once a channel is occupied, it will allow you to switch to another channel without any troublesome works for frequency searching.


Designed with two unit of 1.25-inch (32mm) tweeters, 4-inch (102mm) bass loudspeaker, Pro-idee’s Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System could be powered by either an 8 D-cell rechargeable batteries (subject to separate purchase) and a 12V mains adapter.

Enjoy excellent outdoor audio with clear high tones and powerful bass. Adjusting sound volume could be done either on the loudspeaker or at the sound source.

Price: USD186.-

[ Source: Cyber Theatre ; Pro-idee UK ]