PowerJolt Micro is a fast charging device from Griffin Technology that specially designed for charging iPad, iPhone, or iPod on-the-go.

PowerJolt Micro is capable to provide 10 watts of electricity to your iPad needs, or simply for fast charging for your iPhone or iPod. PowerJolt is compatible for most vehicle’s 12 volt power outlet and could also used as a standalone device for charging or sync iPhone, iPod or iPad.


For in car usage, after plug-in to the 12V power outlet in your car, just plug it into PowerJolt Micro’s USB port and you could use the other end to power your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


  • Works in your vehicle’s 12 volt power outlet
  • Delivers 10 watts of fast charging for iPad, iPhone, or iPod
  • Super compact form factor
  • SmartFuse circuit breaker means no fuses to replace
  • Technical Specifications
  • Input: 12 V DC
  • Output: 5 VDC at 2.1 amps
  • Output power: 10 watts

Price: USD24.99

[ Source: Techfresh ; Griffin Technology ]