For those have long been waiting for the Microsoft motion controller gaming console, the new Xbox 360 is now available for online pre-order before its official release later today.




The freshly-announced Stealthbox comes with 250GB storage capacity and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. And of course, the new Xbox 360 is designed with Kinect-ready auxiliary port and enough vents for superb cooling system. The casing size is a bit smaller than the original xbox 360, and comes in glossy black color.



You will find 5x usb2.0 ports, 2x at the front side for the wireless controllers and  3x at the rear side for other usb usage. There is also an RJ45 port, an A/V port, and a HDMI port.


Let’s take a brief view on 8 available games that are compatible to Microsoft Kinect motion controller:

xbox-360-elite-version-kinects-games Price: USD299.- [ You could pre-order the new XBox 360 with Kinect Ready feature from Amazon right here ]

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