Living in a good neighborhood with beautiful scenery, shady trees and smooth streets? The Touring Quadracycle is best for parents with two childs that enjoy morning or weekend sports together. The quadracycle comes with twin rear seats and rear pedals that power its rear drive train forward and backward.

Capable to reach maximum speed of 10 MPH under maximum 550 lb. load, the idea is to allow only adults sitting in the rear to steer, help to eliminate the adults’ big stomach for sitting long hours at the office, while taking their little precious one along for healthy family ride and chat.


The cycle rolls on four 17-inch aluminum wheels and treaded, pneumatic rubber tires that ideal for pavement, sidewalks or smooth ground. The cycle’s rack-and-pinion steering with a wheel and handbrake is located at the left pedaler.


Ride…Ride…Ride Your “QuadraCycle” Down the Roads… 😉

Meanwhile the front foot well is meant to secure younger rider’ feet while the horizontal bars to accomodate shorter legs for optimum ride comfort. Built with power-coated steel chassis and sturdy ABS seats and fenders, you could be rest assured that the Touring Quadracycle will last for years prior any replacement needed. The overall dimension of this quadracycle is 79 x 40 x 42-inch (LxWxH), weighing 220 lbs.

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