Angry about Google Slap? Don’t throw away your laptop! Below USB gadget will surely provide a good function to help relieving your emotional burden without sacrificing useful gadgets on your desktop. RageGage is the name for this rounded button shape USB gadget.

All you need to do is plug it to your PC or lapto via USB cable, we suggest using a 3 meter long USB cable to place the USB device away from your desk with laptop to prevent unexpected shock. 😉


Available in nine image styles, RageGage USB gadgets have voices on it that talk each time you punch the big button. You could even use it as a game controller.

Fear not, you will not be caught by your neighbourhood security for punching RageGage, so start to punch and puke out all the emotional pressure out of your body!

Price: USD19.99

[ Source: GG ; RageGage ]