Living in a country side and want to harvest clean water from mother nature? With following Canadian-made barrel, you will be able to store up to 55-gallons of rain water and use them for watering flower beds and gardens whenever you need to get them.

Unlike standard looking rain collectors, this Canadian Year Round Rain Barrel is made of durable plastic material that boast will not crack in temperature down to minus 40 degree Fahrenheit owing to its rotational molding process that gives additional strength to the barrel.


The outlook resembles an earthenware urn, that allow seamless blend for your home exterior. The rust-proof screen with a secondary safety grid is for protection against debris and curious animals from entering the barrel.

You could get smooth flow of the water through the brass spigot for watering your garden or backyard using an 8′ length garden hose to the built-in fitting. Besides, there is an overflow spout that useful to redirect excess rainwater away to prevent pooling at the wall side.

For complete cleaning, you could drain the rainwater using the plug located in the base. The dimension of this Canadian Year Round rain barrel is 35.5 x 23.5 (HxDia.), with a weight of 18 lbs.

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